Live broadcast your events with our streaming service.

We'll take care of everything during your live streaming! Gonzo Design have a professional team specialized on live streaming, video and audio recording during conventions, conferences and training courses.

Why broadcast my events with a live streaming service?

Some benefits you have not considered yet.

Unlimited audience

With only one click, everybody's able to follow your event in real time, all around the world. By doing that, you can increase your brand awareness or include those who can't be at your conference. Now, your event's audience knows no limits.

New contents

Not only live! Your speech can be recorded, edited and optimized for being used after the event. You can use this videos for an online course or upload them on your social channel to take care of your community!

Higher profit margins

You can offer your streaming services by fee paying or broadcast them for free, to increase its participants for the next edition.                     

Live streaming: it's to easy!

The requirements to broadcast your events it's a broadband connection in order to transmit high definition data: then, we already got everything! Our team will take an on-site inspection to choose the best technical instruments for your live streaming.

Absolutely not! Gonzo Design's team has everything that you need to live broadcast your conference.

Our live streaming it's optimized for being viewed through any kind of device like computers, tablets, Android and IOS smartphones: there's no need to install apps, softwares or stuff like that. The only requirement it's an internet connection.

Of course! Live Slides showing it's possible and it's FREE! With our equipment it's possible to show on-air multiple windows with only speaker; only slide or speaker + slide + custom graphic. Every single moment of the conference will be showed to guarantee the best users' experience.


This is how your live streaming event will look like

How does our streaming service work?

Quality, reliability and experience at your service!

Technical Organization

Once you have decided the day and the location for your event, our team will come for a technical on-site inspection, in order to get the right equipment needed to guarantee an impeccable video production.

Setting up and tests

The day before the event, our team will be on the location to set up the rooms with the right video and audio equipment. Some quality tests will be done before going on air.

Editing and post-production

To optimize your final video in order to make it usable after the event, our team will carry out a quality control and make the editing, adding titles for every single speaker.

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